Studio Policies

2017-18 Studio Policies

Your payment of the registration fee and continued payment for lessons indicates your acceptance of and willingness to abide by these policies.


ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to continue lessons for the full academic year (August – May), attend all scheduled lessons and classes, and participate in at least one recital, competition, festival, or audition. Students should arrive at lessons promptly, with all required materials and music. Should a student arrive without the proper materials, Stephanie may have to cancel the lesson with no rescheduling or fee refund. Summer lessons are not required but continued practice during the summer months is strongly encouraged. Should participation in another activity cause a scheduling conflict with piano lessons, parents may retain the student’s slot by: a) switching times with another student; or b) paying 50% tuition during the student’s absence.

MAKEUP LESSONS: Two makeup lessons per semester are allowed for lessons missed with notice. Lessons missed without notice will not be made up. Makeup lessons will be scheduled at the mutual convenience of Stephanie and the student. Group lessons cannot be rescheduled.

TEACHER ABSENCES: Stephanie reserves the right to miss lessons due to illness or professional commitments, and families will be notified as far in advance as possible. Such lessons will be rescheduled or fees will be refunded.

ANNUAL CALENDAR: The calendar year includes two semesters of 12-14 weekly private lessons, 2-3 group lessons of 45-60 minutes (depending on age), and an unspecified number of recitals, festivals, and competitions.

MATERIALS: Students will be provided a binder for project/assignment logs and supplementary worksheets. This binder should be brought to every lesson and class. A metronome should be available for all practice sessions. Either a standard metronome or an app works; ProMetronome is my favorite app, and it’s free. A pencil and eraser should be kept in the practice area; a small pencil sharpener is handy to have on hand there as well. Students who find using markers helpful should be sure those are ready before they begin to practice as well. A tote bag is also provided so that students can keep all of their books and materials together.

PRACTICE: Each week students are given assignments to complete and are expected to spend as much time as it takes to complete the assignments, just as with school homework. Part of what the students are taught during lessons is efficient ways to practice so that they can actually spend less time getting more done. Time is logged only for purposes of seeing if students can be helped to work more efficiently. Parents are expected to be involved in helping students meet practice goals and, as needed, helping students practice.

PRACTICE INSTRUMENT: A practice instrument in the home is required. An acoustic piano should be kept in tune and well-regulated. An electronic piano must have touch-sensitive, full- sized keys and a sustain pedal; preferably it will be full-length (88 keys).

TECHNOLOGY: Students are encouraged to arrive 10-15 minutes early for lessons in order to take full advantage of iPad and other learning activities. Use of suggested websites, apps, and CD/DVDs at home is strongly urged.

LESSON TERMINATION: Students may be asked to discontinue lessons at the end of a semester if they have had more than one unexcused absence or if they fail to meet practice requirements as detailed above. Lessons may also be terminated for unpaid tuition.

TUITION AND PAYMENT: Tuition covers lesson time only; books, materials, competition fees and the like are paid separately. Payment for the month’s lessons as well as for any books and materials is due at the first lesson of each month. No refunds will be made for students who terminate lessons mid-month. Entry fees for outside events are paid by the parent when due. All students are required to pay a non-refundable fee of $50/child (or $75/family for two or more children) with their registration. There will be no refunds for missed lessons. Stephanie reserves the right to raise fees at the beginning of each new teaching year but not during the year.

PARENT INVOLVEMENT: Parents are welcome to attend and quietly observe all lessons, however Stephanie reserves the right to ask the parent not to attend if the parent’s presence alters the quality of the lesson. Parents are expected to be active participants in practice at home. Stephanie will tell the parent of any teaching issues or approaches used in the lesson that should be reinforced at home.

CONFERENCES: Stephanie is typically unavailable to discuss student progress with parents at any length before or after the lesson since other students have lessons at those times. Parents should call or email if they have questions or concerns.

Stephanie Davis, MM, FAGO
812-360-8398 (texting preferred)

Updated 7/22/2017


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